Bromley High School


Saturday 1.00 - 5.40pm          Mondays 5.15 - 6.45pm

Blackbrook Lane, Bromley, BR1 2TW    Google Maps

Offering excellent facilities, this very well maintained 25m, six lane pool (depth 0.9m to 3m) is suitable for all abilities.  Some young children may be out of their depth but with the teacher to pupil ratio at 1:3, this is not a disadvantage, and often quite the contrary!  For more advanced swimmers, it also benefits from diving blocks and pace clock, and exceptional 3m depth for high board style diving skills.


Warren Road Primary School


Thursday 3.45 - 5.45pm          Friday 3.45 - 5.45pm

Warren Road, Orpington, BR6 6JF     Google Maps

A small teaching pool of 10m x 5m (depth 0.75m to 1.05m), with limited viewing and basic facilities (no showers). Here most children remain within their depth. It’s ideal for non-swimmers through to improver levels (our level 1-5). Due to the shallow nature of the pool no assistant is needed.



We teach children from 4 ½ to 16 years, in our unique 10 level programme. This takes swimmers from the nonswimer through to an advanced competition level.

Below offers a guideline to classes and level structure.
For more detail about which level would suit your swimmer see here.

Please note our class levels DO NOT equate to ASA national plan levels, and that the ‘quality of stroke’ will better dictate level than ability to swim distances.  For our level 4 (ASA.5/6) upwards, swimmers must be swimming confidently in deep water.

Level 1 - White 0-5m front.

(Max of 6 swimmers, with teacher and assistant in water)

Level 2 - Yellow 5-10m front and back, with over-arm actions.

(Max of 6 swimmers, with teacher and assistant in water)

Level 3 - Orange 10-15m+ front, turning to breathe, 10m+ back and 10m+ breast.
  (Max of 8 swimmers, with teacher and assistant in water)

For levels 4-10; max of 8 swimmers - the teacher is on the poolside  

Level 4 - Red

25m Front/Back/Breast, with correct breathing, 5m fly kick

Level 5 - Green

50m front/back/breast, with correct breathing and timing, 10m fly kick.

Level 6 - Pale Blue

100m front/back/breast, 5m butterfly.

Level 7 - Mid Blue

200m front/back/breast, 10m butterfly.

Level 8 - Navy

400m front/back/breast, 20m fly, dives and turns.

Level 9 - Purple

600m front/back/breast, 25m fly, turns and dives.

Level 10 - Black

800m+ front/back/breast, 25m fly, competitive turns and dives. 

Elite - Silver  

Other specialised classes / courses
STA Bronze/Silver/Gold Challenge Awards.
As well as other awards, our level 9 and 10 classes work towards ASA stroke and speed awards, and/or STA. Bronze, silver and gold challenge award.


This course develops both high-board style diving skills (i.e vertical entry) and related skills that can be taken as far as the individual is able, as well as more traditional ‘racing style’ dives. This course normally runs for two terms, but can be booked as single term. It is suitable for competent to advanced swimmers (our level.5 +)


Survival and Rescue
This valuable, informative and fun class runs as a single term block of lessons. It is surprisingly challenging, and does demand some stamina swimming. As part of the course, participants will be required to swim in full clothing. It is suitable for competent to advanced swimmers (our level.5 +)