Our commitment to Child Protection

-  Millennium Minnows Swim School acknowledges its ‘Duty of Care’ towards all its members and are committed to practice which protects children from harm.

- All persons working with Millennium Minnows Swim School are encouraged to atend Child Protection Workshops, and in doing so accept and recognise their responsibility to develop awareness of the issues that cause children harm.

- All persons working with Millennium Minnows Swim school have current Criminal Records Bureau clearance to work with children. These are reviewed in accordance with ASA guidelines.

- Millennium Minnows Swim School encourages the sharing of information about children, and about good practice between teachers, children and parents.

- If any concerns, however small, arise regarding the welfare of a child - from the child themselves, teacher, parent or other person, please advise Justine Hulf, or contact the ASA Swimline on 0808 100 4001.

- Any incidents or complaints will be taken seriously and in confidence.


- ASA policy guidelines will be followed thereafter.